June 16th, 2022 | h20

Milan Gender Tour organized by Sex & the City APS aims to introduce participants of the 11th European Feminist Research Conference to some of the places in Milan that inflect gender issues in everyday life. Along the way heterogeneous places belonging to the different spheres connected with gender will be narrated: care, mobility, symbolic representation, health, violence, associative life.

The tour starts in Piazzale Minniti (close to Isola station of the Metro 5), and lasts about an hour. It will be held in English.

  1. Piazzale Minniti (open square) – mobility, daily life, care work
  2. SopraSotto pirate kindergarten – care work, bottom-up projects, welfare
  3. Isola Pepe Verde – care facilities
  4. Red bench via Castillia – awareness-raising project
  5. Family counselling centre Largo Aldo de Benedetti, 1 – welfare, gender health
  6. Play area Library of Trees – care work
  7. Gae Aulenti Square – toponymy and symbolic representation
  8. Somaschi Foundation – violence, anti-violence network
  9. Casa delle donne di Milano Рgender centres, support for women


Sorry, it is no longer possible to make a reservation.

Thank you for your interest! For more information, please write to genderatlas@gmail.com.